We are only a matter of weeks away from MWC 2015, which will kick off at the beginning of March. Before that, or at least before the official start of the congress, the world will feast its eyes on the new Samsung Galaxy S6.
It is said to have been “œcompletely redesigned from the ground up,“ and we‘ve received a slew of rumours. According to these rumours, TouchWiz will be sleeker and it will have that 2K display. Also, we can expect a GS6 with a curved display, and it might be curved on both sides, unlike the Galaxy Note Edge. Also, the GS6 will not be waterproof.
Luckily the unveiling is around the corner, being scheduled from March 1st. Samsung have sent out a teaser (pictured above) of the Unpacked event, with a strange curve running across it.
Could this be confirmation of a curved design element? Or is it simply Samsung trying to get us thinking about design without showing us anything of substance? Does Samsung completely want to distance itself from previous design cues?
Whatever the case may be, it is difficult to picture an angle where this unbroken curve might find a home on a mobile device. Presumably it is symbolic, then. But of what remains to be seen.
What do you think Samsung is teasing in the event invite? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: Engadget
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