GoPro Hero4 firmware update brings incredible 240fps HD video

The GoPro Hero4 is probably one of the best (if not the best) action cameras out there. With it‘s 4K resolution, it is by far the action camera of choice for many.
While avid GoPro users will surely be aware of the amazing capabilities of the Hero4, a new firmware update – set to roll out in February – will make these users even more excited about the world‘s favourite action camera.
The new firmware update will allow users to record 720p HD video at an astonishing 240 frames per second, which of course makes it super slo-mo and the first time incredibly slowed down video can record in HD.
To put it in perspective for you, the 240fps frame rate is 10 times slower than the standard frame rate when shooting video. And as we all know (especially those filming a lot of action shots) everything looks better in slo-mo.
This is a big update for the camera, considering that currently, without the update, the camera is unable to shoot at a super slo-mo rate and in HD at the same time. It can currently only do 120fps at 720p.
While shooting at 240fps is great, shooting at this frame rate narrows down the field of view to 65 degrees. This could potentially be an issue for some, as GoPro‘s are of course known for their wide angle view.
Nevertheless, it is the only minor issue with what looks to be an fantastic update.
While the update is only rolling out some time in February (no official date is known as of yet) the people over at Gizmodo were able to get a sneak peak of the update. And what do you do with a 4K action camera that can record HD video at 240 frames per second? Take it snowboarding, naturally.
The footage the Gizmodo team were able to capture really shows off the camera‘s new abilities to it‘s fullest. The snowboarding action  looks amazing and the other footage (which was recorded at the X Games) looks just as great, even though it is not up close.
Besides the 240fps recording ability, the update also adds a few other features to the camera.
An upgraded time-lapse feature will allow users to convert time-lapse stills to video on the camera, rather than on the computer afterwards. It will also include a new auto-rotate feature, which will automatically rotate the camera using internal accelerometers.
The update looks to be a very good one that will improve the existing Hero4 dramatically. It is also a good time for GoPro to step it up a notch as the action camera competition ring heats up.
Sony has promised a 4K action camera before the end of the year, and, as we reported a few weeks ago, Apple has been awarded a patent for a “˜remote controlled action camera‘. Interestingly enough, Apple even mentions weaknesses and pitfalls in GoPro‘s design in their patent, and how they plan to fix and better them with their camera.
So, the competition is officially on – but for now, GoPro is still leading by a mile.
Check out the video filmed in 240fps below – it really is pretty impressive albeit dubbed with an ominous soundtrack…

Source: The Next Web