Pole Dancing Robots: It’s a thing now

The future is now and apparently that includes life-size robots, gyrating up and down a stripper pole and shaking what their developer gave them.
While we all know that robots are becoming more and more humanoid, and that engineers and robot developers world wide are jumping leaps and bounds in terms of innovation, we weren‘t really prepared for this.
At the recent CeBit Computer and IT trade show in Hanover, Germany, Tobit Software showed off one of their latest innovations – two (female) robots, entertaining the crowd by “˜dancing‘ on a stripper pole.
The robots, who are called Lexy and Tess, were designed by British artist, Giles Walker. They were existing Tobit Software robots that got somewhat of a make over and some sweet, sexy skills. While these two girls may seem like your average, run-of-the-mill life-size female robot, they are definitely not.
Lexy and Tess are able to gyrate their (surprisingly loose) hips to the beat of song, while holding on to a stripper pole and swaying their heads back and forth. according to their developer, their breasts were also enlarged – you know, to fit with the whole stripper persona.
Now if this doesn‘t get any tech geek excited, we don‘t know what will.
The girls each have a 12 volt motor, which allows their hips to go all Shakira-like. Their movements, however, are not all their own, but are instead controlled by a real human on with their Android smartphone – via an app, of course.
The accompanying Android app, allows us mere mortals to control Lexy and Tess‘ movements, as well as the internal lighting inside their “˜faces‘.
Instead of faces, Lexy and Tess are sporting LED arrays. Your face doesn‘t need to say much if your hips are doing the talking…


Part of Lexy and Tess‘ posse, is their male robot friend, who also acts as their DJ. DJ has a megaphone for head, thus adding to the robot inspired, dance club scene that Torbit Software successfully used to pull attention to their booth.
However, Lexy, Tess and their DJ friend aren‘t only for show. You can actually take one (or all three of them) home with you – at a steep price, of course. These robots go for $39,500 each. But that‘s a small price to pay for a gyrating robot.
While these robots perhaps aren‘t the most mind-blowing we‘ve ever seen, they‘re still pretty cool and will definitely grab your attention. It‘s always amazing to see what the human race can think of next. Give a man a fishing pole and line and he‘ll learn how to fish – give a developer a robot and a pole and he‘ll make a stripper out of it.
You can check out Lexy and Tess in action in the video below:

Source: CNet