Microsoft wants to bring Xbox Live to iOS and Android games

Listen up, Xbox and Windows gamers. If Microsoft is successful in this endeavour, you may soon be able to connect with your Android or iOS-using friends via Xbox Live
Rumours are doing the rounds that Microsoft is planning to push Xbox Live to iOS and Android games “˜soon‘. According to The Verge, the company is in the process of building a new platform that would allow iOS and Android games to make use of Xbox Live‘s functionality.
Although Microsoft has experimented with integrating Xbox Live with iOS and Android, this is set to be a big step forward. ‘Wordament’ was the first iOS game to feature Xbox Live achievements back in 2012.
The plans for an entirely new platform was confirmed in a recent Microsoft job posting. In the post, the company says that “œ[they] will create a modern framework that is open-source, lightweight, extensible and scalable across various platforms including Windows Store, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android“
Xbox Live is mostly used with Microsoft consoles, Windows and Windows Phone games. The most popular functions of Xbox Live is to track achievements, make friend lists and game matchmaking.
With this new platform, Microsoft hopes to create a way to bring Xbox Live‘s functionality to all platforms and hopefully also cross-platform gaming.
Some sources believe that the idea to bring Xbox Live to iOS and Android, is part of a bid to “˜win back‘ game developers from Microsoft‘s competition. By making Xbox Live integration into apps and games across different platforms easier, they hope to attract developers.
Currently, Xbox Live would need certification and permission from Microsoft to be used on a different platform However, in the foreseeable future, Microsoft plans to have fewer restrictions and better tools for integration.
While Microsoft might have a different agenda (i.e attracting more devs) the integration of Xbox Live to iOS and Android does not seem like a bad idea at all.
Source: The Verge