Kickstarter pledges hit $1 Billion

When Kickstarter launched very few people thought crowdfunding will take off as quickly as it did. It took off so quickly, in fact, that they just announced a total of $1 Billion has been raised since it made its debut on April 28, 2009. It took more than half of that in the last 12 months.
While not all projects have been completely successful (which is a bit of an understatement), there are a couple of gems in there, our favourite begin Pebble.
In total, 5.7 million people from 224 countries and territories contributed to the $1 billion amount. The US comes in as the most generous, chalking up $663 million worth of pledges in total, while the UK follows with $54 million. About 1.7 million people have backed more than one project on Kickstarter.
Source: Kickstarter
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