The iPhone and iPad versions of Google‘s popular apps have the reputation of sometimes being neglected Google. They have tried to alleviate those concerns from Apple customers in the last couple of years and have continued the trend by completely redesigning the Hangouts app.
It has a new flat look, which very much accompanies the entire feel of iOS. It also has a couple of new features, like picture-in-picture video calling for the first time as well as the capability to send 10 second video messages.
The app offers convenient shortcuts to your contact list, favorite people to chat with, recent Hangouts, and free voice calling over the internet. On iPad, you can also launch a video call from a current chat by dragging a video icon to the left.
The redesign makes the app much handier for iOS users and makes the features easier to use. Messaging is the new buzz word in apps, and it makes sense to see companies taking their apps very seriously.
Source: TheVerge
Image: Wired
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