In December Microsoft announced that it had outsold the PlayStation 4 with the Xbox One. Well, it seems that those signs were overrated. NPD has just released estimates which show that the PlayStation 4 outsold the Xbox One during January. They outsold them by a massive margin as well, almost doubling the sales of the Xbox in the same period.
The system was certainly alluring enough to drive game sales during the quarter — the PS4 was the platform of choice for five of the top ten games, while the Xbox One was never higher than second.
It will be interesting to see where the sales go in the next couple of months. Sony hasn‘t even released the PS4 in its native Japan, where it has always outsold the Xbox by a massive margin. There are big hopes within Microsoft that the Xbox exclave Titanfall will drive sales of the console considerably. We will wait and see if that happens in March.
What do you think about the console war? Which one do you prefer to buy (if you haven‘t already)? Let us know below.
Source: PlayStation

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