Are Android apps coming to Windows?

Rumours are running rife that Microsoft might be giving in and opening up Windows for Android apps – and many believe it‘s about time.
According to The Verge, sources close to Microsoft‘s inner circle have revealed that the company are heavily considering the big move of allowing Android apps to run on Windows mobile and desktop platforms.
While the sources claim that these Microsoft Android mash-up ideas are still only in it‘s early stages of discussion, there is already a divide in the company swinging either yay or nay. 
Some of Microsoft‘s executives apparently believe that a move like this will be the final nail in the coffin for Windows, while others feel it might save the brand and draw more users to the platform.
The idea with a Microsoft and Android mash-up, will be to let users download the Android apps from a app store run by a third party “œenabler“. However, Microsoft will still be the gatekeeper of said store.
While this idea is more “˜official‘, it doesn‘t mean that some Windows platforms haven‘t already delved into Android. There have been instances where Android apps have appeared on Windows with the help of a third-party enabler.
BlueStacks, a software maker, currently allows users to run Android apps on their Windows devices.
As per usual, Microsoft is keeping mum on the subject and no official statement has been released. However, with Windows looking a bit stuck at the moment, it might not be a bad idea.
What are your thoughts? Is a Android and Microsoft mash-up the logical next step?
Source: The Verge