Groupon takes a dig at Amazon, DHL with parody video

While the world ponders and debates Amazon and DHL‘s planned new delivery system, Groupon saw an excellent marketing opportunity for themselves – and no, it doesn‘t involve drones.
Two weeks ago, Amazon announced that they are working on a project called Amazon PrimeAir. With PrimeAir, delivery drones (that are not operated by humans) will deliver packages to customers – right on their doorstep.
The news about Amazon‘s plan was celebrated by some and frowned upon by others. However, it did cause quite a stir and received wide spread media attention.
However, before Amazon‘s revelation was cold, courier company DHL also announced that they were experimenting with delivery drones, and quickly (and let‘s face it, with some egg on their face) showed off their delivery drone – que bright yellow and red branding on a tiny, four-armed drone.
Also in the mix is US-based delivery company, UPS. Although no official word was given or pictures offered that the company is also working on it‘s own delivery drones, sources at UPS has said that the company does have its own drones somewhere in their lab. We‘ll have to wait and see with this one.
Now, Groupon obviously noted that these delivery drones are a trending topic as of late. They also noted the underlining, passive aggressive competition between Amazon, DHL and UPS. So, they decided to announce their new way of delivering packages; by means of a medieval catapult.
Of course, the video is a parody, and they aren‘t really delivering packages by catapult (although that would be great). The company also came up with a very clever tagline: “˜From our dungeon to your doorstep‘.
In the video, one woman refers to the delivery drones as “œflying, scary robots“ – an obvious dig at Amazon and their critics.
Its still very much up in the air (excuse the pun) whether or not these deliver drones will become a reality. For now, though, we can enjoy the debating and Groupon‘s excellent video: