Envato's amazing new HQ

Envato, the Australian company that specializes in online marketplaces including ThemeForest, Microlancer and Tuts+, has just received an office make-over, and it sure makes us a little envious!
The company‘s headquarters is situated in Melbourne‘s central business district. The three story building has quite the heritage – it was a school before it was converted into Envato‘s HQ and, before the school, it was used as a storage facility for Ferguson‘s Winery.
The re-design was done by Buro architects. Envato says that the guys at Buro completely understood their vision and translated their ideas into beautiful, yet functional spaces. 
The top floor is where the Envato Marketplaces and Microlancer teams do their work. It is an open plan office space and the walls and ceiling feature the original brickwork and copper pipes.
By combining the old, rustic bricks with newer and more modern materials, the top floor gives off a really retro feel.
The top floor with it’s retro feel –




 The middle level showcases some more modern walls. It is also home to the CEO, Collis Ta‘eed‘s office behind a graphically decorated wall.
These stunning graphic artworks is feature throughout the entire office. Envato enlisted the services of an amazing street artist called GhostPatrol to do these graphic pieces on the walls of the building.
GhostPatrol’s amazing designs and the Big Boss’ office –




 Because the HQ was a school, the team also inherited two auditorium-like rooms. These rooms are now being used for company meetings, team training and community events.
But, it must be the lunch room that looks like the best place to hangout. The lunch room features beautiful wooden floors and wooden pieces, with some greenery and, of course, GhostPatrol‘s striking pieces. It‘s also where all the fun is at as it has a pool table, a piano, a space invaders table and opens up to a courtyard outside where team members can shoot some hoops.
The auditorium, the stunning lunch room and outside courtyard –




 Throughout the office, there are large pods which are made of rings of wooden beams. They serve as informal meeting places and quiet areas for team members to work on their laptops. And they are beautiful!
Another interesting thing about Envato‘s HQ, is that their meeting rooms have names. It‘s either Manchester or Hong Kong and many other cities and town around the world. Why these names? Because Envato has 100+ staff members around the world, these names represent the different cities and towns their international staff members come from. Another way to make the whole team feel connected.
How great do those pods look? As well as the named meeting rooms –




 These offices truly look amazing – and we can imagine that everyone feels a little bit jealous right about now.


[Photos by John Marmaras, Devika Bilimoriat & Josh Janssen]