Google Search update expands Google Now cards

Google has made it very clear in the last year the Google Now is the future or Android. All features are ““ and will be even more in the future ““ ingrained into the Google software. All the updates we‘ve seen from the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 verifies this.
As you would expect, an update to the Google Search app today makes it even better. A new Website update card will bring you the latest blog post from popular sites around the world, the improved News topic card will keep you informed on the news you care about, as determined by the news you search for on the mighty Google engine, and the What to watch card will give you recommendations of things you’ll not want to miss on the television.
Of course, you’ll need to update your Google Search app to see any of this, and as usual it’s a gradual rollout and chances are you won’t see it right away. Also, we don‘t have all the functionality of all the cards on Google Now as of yet, but we are sure we will see it in time.
Source: Android/Google+