Justin Bieber invests $1.1million in Social network for Teens

What do you do when you are a teen-idol sensation and worth $130 million? You invest in a social network, of course.
Teenage heartthrob, Justin Bieber has recently invested a cool $1.1 million in a new start-up social network called Shots of Me. The social network, which has the backing of other celebrities too, is specifically designed to cater for teenagers.
The idea with Shots of Me is to help teens and make them aware of the effects of cyber-bullying. The idea is not without merit, however, as more and more teens are speaking up and fighting against cyber-bullying – most of which takes place on various other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Shots of Me is backed by a company called RockLive. RockLive is a venture-funded social network in itself, founded in 2009. Along with Justin Bieber, the company has partnered with boxing champion Floyd Merriweather to launch the social platform for teenagers.
The partnership with Bieber, came after Bieber and CEO of RockLive, John Shahidi, tested the company‘s mobile games. Bieber then gave the company some feedback and became very interested in Shots of Me.
Shots of Me will be the first social network of it‘s kind – specifically geared towards teenagers and addressing issues they face in the cyber world. It is also a prefect time for something like Shots of Me to launch. Facebook reported a drop in its teenage audience for it‘s 4th quarter earnings report of 2013.
And, of course, with the backing of someone as influential as Bieber, the network is bound to be a success. Considering the fact that Justin Bieber is the second most followed person on Twitter – he was only recently surpassed by popstar Katy Perry – it is understandable that Bieber‘s endorsement of any social venture will secure his “˜Beliebers‘ all around will follow suit.
No website for RockLive‘s new social networking platform has been launched yet. However, people and teeny-boppers world wide will be able to download the Shots of Me app for iOS later in the week.
When you‘re a 19-year old millionaire, have 48,811,886 followers on Twitter, obviously you‘ll invest in the one thing that has secured your popularity and success – social media.
Source: Mashable