Lenovo considering BlackBerry acquisition?

Possible BlackBerry sales to different consortiums and companies have been speculated over the last couple of months and they aren‘t stopping anytime soon. According to the Wall Street Journal, Lenovo could also now be considering the possible purchase of the struggling Canadian smartphone maker.
Lenovo has signed a non-disclosure agreement with BlackBerry to take a look at the company’s books. This is a surprising development considering the financial woes Blackberry has seen in recent months and years. While the WSJ’s sources are anonymous and spokespeople from either company unsurprisingly refused to comment, it’s far from the first time we’ve heard this sort of chatter about a possible acquisition. Previously, Google, Intel, Samsung, LG and even BlackBerry co-founder Mike Lazaridis were just a few of the parties reported as having interest in putting in bids for the company.
Details are relatively sparse at the moment, but we will keep all you Torch lovers posted on developments.