The Alliance for Affordable Internet to bring the worldwide web to the developing world

Yet another new group has formed that aim to make internet access more accessible and more affordable to developing markets.
The Alliance for Affordable Internet, or A4AI, is a newly formed and passionate technology industry group that has been publicly launched today, October 7th.
The A4AI aims at making worldwide web access much cheaper and much easier to access to developing markets. The group also wants to lead policy development within these developing markets.
Their mission, cheaper internet for all, is riding on the fact that they claim one month‘s Internet access in developing markets may sometimes be equal to two months of wages for the average worker.
We have seen an incredible increase in the last few months of different companies all around the world aiming to make internet access easy and affordable in developing countries and their subsequent markets.
The A4AI aims to promote and publish policy and regulatory best practices and to conduct intensive research and produce reports based on their findings. They also plan to “œfacilitate dialogue“ between it‘s members and key stakeholders.
Another big focus for the A4AI, will be keeping a close watch on emerging  internet technologies designed to benefit developing countries and markets.
These include the White Space project which, amongst others,  Google and Microsoft are currently testing out in Africa.
The White Space project is basically aimed at everything the A4AI stands for; reducing the cost of internet access and making access easier throughout Africa. This could help Africa‘s people to enjoy the internet and improve their learning and communication abilities.
The group also stated that they are initially focused on three primary markets in Africa, but hopes to cover “œat least 12 countries“ across Africa, Asia and Latin America by the end of 2015.
The A4AI was first announced by former US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton in February of this year. The group has been in the making for over a year.
The public-private initiative is supported by more than 30 companies and organizations, including big players such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, Google and Facebook.
We surely hope the A4AI can improve the cost and accessibility of internet in Africa, so that all Africans can enjoy the endless possibilities of the worldwide web.
Source: The Next Web