Update: Great ‘lesser known’ apps. Tell us about some you use?

Update: We have had a great time playing around with some of your suggestions. We would love for you to share more of the great apps you use that most might not know about.
There are some apps out there that are true gems, and once you find them it stays on your device for a long, long time. We thought we would share some, but we would like to know from you about some that might not be as popular as the big commercial apps, but have added something to your experience of using your device.
Warmly ““ It is a very pretty alarm app and highly recommended.
MightyText ““ It allows you to text on your phone from Chrome on any computer, it‘s awesome.
CloudCube ““ Easy access to every cloud storage services you may use, if you are one of those people who don‘t want to pay for storage but still needs a lot of it.
CallHeads ““ Perfect when you are working in an app and get a phone call. The whole screen will not be filled with your phone call screen ““ instead just a small icon will be displayed and you can continue working in the app and ignore the call (or answer it).
Tell us in the comments below which apps you use that might not be “˜mainstream‘.