Jozi Zoo's Live-Tweeting Badger

If you thought social media has taken over the world, then you are quite right. Social media has now not only absorbed the human race, but has reared it‘s head in the animal kingdom, too!
In what seems to be an outrageous marketing campaign, the Johannesburg Zoo has devised a plan to get it‘s animals on one of the world‘s leading social media sites, Twitter.
With the plan to increase their online presence, the Jozi Zoo has given one of it‘s most popular animals it‘s own Twitter account; the techno-savvy resident honey badger, named BG.
BG will send regular tweets using the Twitter handle, “˜@zootweetslive‘. You can alternatively follow the craziness by using the tag #tweetingbadger.
BG is making waves all around the internet and the world and is being called “˜the world‘s first live-tweeting badger‘ or animal, for that matter.
This amazing, yet rather strange marketing plan was devised by one of Africa‘s largest and most successful advertising agencies, DraftFCB. Their digital agency, HelloComputer, developed the system that BG uses to send his profound tweets into the world.
Unlike the “˜human version‘ of simply typing a tweet on a mobile phone or computer, BG‘s tweeting system is much more innovative – although he is also limited to only 140 characters.
There are 6 sensor zones around BG‘s enclosure. When he enters any of these zones, he activates a system that picks a pre-composed tweet from the agency‘s database. These tweets are made to be relevant to BG‘s activities; such as playing on his jungle-gym, observations about the other animals in the zoo or the human visitors he observes. And, of course, no twitter account would be complete if he didn‘t also tweet comments about the food he is eating…
BG has also become somewhat of an ambassador (or social media manager if you will) for the zoo. He will tweet about upcoming zoo events and might even give his distinguished opinion on current affairs.
And just so BG doesn‘t become an irritation on Twitter – the system has been regulated so that the highly active badger doesn‘t become a twitter-spammer.
However, all of BG‘s movements and tweets will be logged into the system and made available to the Johannesburg Zoo research team.
If BG‘s tweeting, and as a whole DraftFCB‘s campaign, is successful, it could mean that more animals can become ambassadors or “˜spokes-animals‘ for their species.
This could also be a step in the right direction for animal conservation as these “˜tweeting animals‘ could raise much needed awareness on conservation and animal rights.
Of course, @zootweetslive will be an entertaining account to follow and  we are sure that #tweetingbadger will be trending on Twitter soon!
Well done, Johannesburg Zoo! #winning