Rumour: Microsoft interested in Foursquare

Technology giant, Microsoft, is reportedly in talks with social networking company, Foursquare, concerning a possible investment in the young company.
According to Bloomberg, the talks between the two companies are already at an “˜advanced stage‘.
However, Microsoft is not the only company looking to get in on the Foursquare pie. According to other reports, Foursquare is also talking to other potential partners.
But, as usual, both Foursquare and Microsoft are keeping mum about the possible investment.
A spokesman for Foursquare, Brendan Lewis, told reporters: “œThis falls squarely in the “œrumors and speculation“ category.“ Therefore, not really affirming or denying anything.
Microsoft on the other hand simply declined to comment on the speculation.
Foursquare opened their social networking doors in 2009 and was a start-up dream. However, as many social networking companies have come under intense scrutiny, particularly since Facebook‘s public offering, Foursquare has lost some of it‘s luster.
Still, Foursquare seems to be doing well – hence Microsoft‘s interest. In April of 2012, the company reported that it had 20 million registered users and in April 2013, they had raised a total of $112 million, including a $41 million convertible debt.
While everything is still hush-hush for now, we will soon know who Foursquare‘s next partner will be.
Source: BusinessTech