Leaked video reveals Moto X to launch in August

Leaked photos and videos aren‘t that uncommon in the day and age where everything can be uploaded online in almost an instant. The main thing we‘ve been concerned about has been more so the quality of the photos and videos, which when bad, almost adds a mystique around the content. Thankfully, this time around we‘ve got a highly polished production video of the Moto X from Rogers and it confirms a few things that we were wondering about. We just hope that some poor sap from Rogers isn‘t going to lose their job to this being leaked way ahead of any official announcement.

All in all, the Moto X is definitely starting to pique my curiosity and should be an interesting phone to keep tabs on, despite lacklustre specs. It seems as though many of us were living in a fantasy land when we thought that the Motorola X Phone would be a behemoth of a phone is terms of the actual specs. The reality though is rather subdued. The phone’s specs are more on a par with a Galaxy S3 and word on the street is that the actual phone is more of a mid-range device rather than a top tier one.
While definitely not competing against the high end devices of Samsung or HTC, it definitely fits into the mid-range niche and will do well there. Is the reported good experience of using the Motorola X Phone going to be enough to persuade anyone to purchase the phone?

Source: Google+