Are you the next James Bond? Here’s what you’ll need:
To conclude our final insert on KykNet’s Dagbreek, we decided to look into the world of the superspy. With the assistance of, that supplied us with some super hot gadgets, we’re making your next quest to save the world slightly easier.

Photo 1 (ps)

To kick the mission off, we covered the spy-sunglasses. These glasses are equipped with a small camera that can see everything you see. If you’re on a steak-out outside a mafia-boss’s house, there is also an MP3 player, able to play various music-file formats and an external micro-SD card slot to offer enough recording space for video and music storage. It’s not exactly a fashion accessory as the MP3 player and operating buttons on the side make it slightly bulky to wear. However, all items are well hidden so dangerous ninjas won’t suspect you of wearing spy-apparel.

Photo 2 (ps)

Next up, you’ll need to get your timing right and so you’ll be wearing a spy watch of course. With an HD video recording camera the size of a pin-head, you’ll be able to document your car chases and important meetings with informants. Most of these meetings, however, happen at night, and luckily this is no problem for the spy watch as it has infrared night vision included! Although the watch is quite bulky with all the high-end technology, it looks more like an expensive watch and while wearing it as an accessory, no one will even notice that it can do far more than keep time.

Photo 3 (ps)

Finally you’ll need a spy-pen. Certainly, your first mission will not be to use it to write beautiful essays with, but to put it in your top shirt pocket as an HD camera recording sinister activity. This is definitely a better call than the spy shades, as  they simply give you away when indoors. To save memory on your 8 Gigabyte internal drive, it has voice-activation that automatically starts recording when it hears a voice. This also leaves your hands open, so as not to being any attention to the pen as you would if you had to start recording manually.
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