World’s first online stock exchange for startups launches

The Startup Stock Exchange that aims to help African startups raise money from global investors has launched today.
The Startup Stock Exchange, a regulated global public marketplace, is the world‘s first online stock exchange for startup investing and funding that allows for interested investors to buy ownership shares in new companies.
According to TechLoy investors have access to a variety of startups, all of which have been thoroughly reviewed beforehand, from which to choose. The startups themselves are required to pay a fee in order to be listed on the SSX  to have access to a global base of investors, receive mentoring and feedback.
The launch of two IPOs, also lets anyone become an Angel investors using their online brokerage account.
Startup Stock Exchange CEO Ian Haet says that “œWe are committed to provide a secure and transparent trading environment. I believe SSX will democratize the marketplace, opening opportunity to startups, early stage businesses and emerging companies.“