Microsoft uses Siri to attack iPad in new Windows 8 advert

In a new advertisement released for Windows 8,  titled Windows 8: Less talking, more doing, Microsoft is taking a fresh dig at the Apple iPad’s OS and pricing using its very own Siri.
In the advert, Siri acknowledges it’s inability to complete various tasks while the the Microsoft ASUS VivoTab Smart tablet with Windows 8, does so with ease using Powerpoint and side-by-side apps with Live Tiles.
Surrendering to Windows 8, Siri suggests playing chopsticks, in a parody of the iPad Mini Piano advertisement released in November 2012,
Microsoft follows in the footsteps of Conan O’Brien and Cinesaurus in creating a parody of the original ad.
Microsoft has already gone after Google and taken advantage of the Apple-Samsung phone feud.
You can watch the Microsoft advert below followed by the original iPad Mini advert.

Source: The Verge