Flickr users now get 1 Terabyte Free

Flickr is one of those great sites of the past which was ignored for way too long. As Yahoo’s SVP Adam Caham puts it: “Flickr had become about words, little images, blue links. It was not about the photo anymore.” No Yahoo is hoping to finally rejuvenate the aging photo site with a brilliant new user interface and a massive amount of storage for users.
The boring old white page with tiny images has now been replaced with a image rich interface which is much more in sync with our current broadband age. There is extensive sharing options also built in – and of course it includes Yahoo’s new darling, Tumblr (which it bought for a cool $1,1 Bil).
The biggest way to get people back to Flickr is of course with online storage. While competitors still trade in gigabyte packages, Yahoo will now give all Flickr users a terabyte of online storage. To put that in context – you will be able to store 430,000 photos taken with your iPhone 5. Yahoo has not done away with add-on packages however. You can get opt for a ad-free version of Yahoo for $50 a year, or for $500 a year you can double your storage to 2 terabytes.
Go check it out: