Seven new 'big name' apps coming soon to Google Glass

Google has announced the addition of seven new apps coming to Google Glass at this year’s Google I/O which has demonstrated the largest gathering of Google Glass wearers to date.
Glass will be receiving the big name apps that Google calls Glassware that include breaking news alerts from CNN, Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook posts, reminder notes from Evernote and fashion features from Elle.
Currently Path, The New York Times, Google+, Gmail and Google Now are the only official apps available on the wearable computing device while other developers lucky enough to get their hands on a pair, continue to create apps like the Winky app that let you take photographs with a blink of an eye. A group of programmers has also brought facial recognition software to Google Glass with the MedRefGlass app.
Google has provided some tips for Glassware developers that include keeping it short and sweet for the small screen, making sure alerts are relevant  and making tasks easier and more seamless than they are on other devices.
If you missed the 2013 Google I/O keynote (all 3.5 hours of it) you can watch it below:

Source: The New York Times