Recon Jet integrates HUD and sunglasses for sport

Google Glass is getting some competition with the Recon Jet HUD (Heads Up Display) Sunglasses. The device, similar to that of Google Glass that runs a forked version of Android, is aimed specifically at the sporting crowd.
The Jet, announced just before the Google I/O keynote, is powered by a dual-core processor and features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT+ and an HD camera. It also comes with a dedicated GPU.
With incorporated sunglasses and a sportier look, the Jet is not quite as sleek as the transparent Google Glass. However it still doesn’t block your vision much with the display positioned below rather than above the right eye. It is controlled by tapping and swiping the optical sensor on the side of the headset and when you’re not using it, it sits “out of the way” in your peripheral vision so can be used while running, cycling and other activities although motorized sports are not recommended.
According to Recon’s director of consumer products, Tyson Miller, the company is looking to beat Google Glass to market with an end of 2013 release. While no price has been revealed, Recon expect it to be in line with existing products somewhere between $400 to $600.
Recon will demo the glasses with a Parrot AR drone at Google I/O where users will control it by tapping and swiping the optical sensor while the on-board camera is beamed into the headset.
Watch more in the video below:

Source: Wired