Inside online gaming company KIXEYE, San Francisco

Online gaming company KIXEYE moved into its new 3 story headquarters in San Francisco after outgrowing its previous office space.
Designed by Rapt Studios the space reflects the gaming culture that exists within its walls among its employees. More than just decor, upon entering, the office immerses both visitors and staff in this very culture – a military bunker complete with a uniformed guard and looping alarms. The rest of the space takes inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey – stark, monochromatic and geometric. You’ll even find a character in the kitchen.
Other Rapt Studios projects include the offices for Adobe, Google, Apple, LucasFilm, Warner Brothers and Disney.
Working areas, from semi-private to larger conference rooms, are equipped with writeable surfaces that include the walls and sliding white boards to encourage collaborative thinking, share ideas and create an inspiring environment.

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Source: Office Snapshots by Stephen Searer; Photographs: Eric Laignel