Warner Bros. sued for using viral YouTube videos without permission

Two cat-themed internet memes originally uploaded on YouTube have been used by Warner Brothers in a video game series,  Scribblenauts. However, both have been used without permission and Warner Brothers is now facing a federal lawsuit for their blunder.
The one, titled Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat,  was uploaded in 2007. The humourous keyboard playing cat raked in over 30 million views. The more recently, Nyan Cat, uploaded in 2011 featured an animated cat with a body of a pop tart flying through the sky trailing a rainbow to very annoying music. Nyan Cat took in almost 100 million views – yah, we don’t quite get it either.
Both creators have now sued Warner Brothers as well as 5th Cell, that allegedly added the feline characters to the game, for infringing on their copyrights and trademarks.
The case will be litigated in the Central District of California, which includes Hollywood.
You can watch the videos below:

Source: Arstechnica