Vodacom first to get BlackBerry Q10

Vodacom customers will be the first to get their hands on the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, which will be available at Vodacom World and other participating outlets on Thursday 2nd  May 2013. The Q10 is the first BlackBerry 10 OS device with a physical keyboard.
We had the opportunity to play with the Q10 at the recent Z10 launch, and we walked away very impressed. It certainly sticks to a similiar feel to the Bold 9900 which was a great phone to hold with premium materials.
Vodacom customers get even more with the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone.  New contract customers will receive unlimited BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) texting and file sharing* for 24 months, valued at R19 per month. In addition to this, customers will also receive double their data for the first two months of the contract. Contract prices for the Q10 can be found below:



Advantage Premium VIP
Monthly subscription
(including BlackBerry
Q10 smartphone)
R469 R499 R649 R799 R999 R1 599 R1 999
Anytime Talk 75 120 250 400 700 1200 Limitless
Mobile Internet 75MB 120MB 250MB 400MB 700MB 1200MB 1500MB
Anytime Text 150 240 500 800 Limitless Limitless Limitless

The recommended cash prepaid price is R8 999. Pricing may vary at retail stores.
We were big fans of the recently launched Z10, but there is a massive BlackBerry faithful market who refuse to use touch only displays. The Q10 will retain the best features of the Z10:

  • The ever present BlackBerry Hub, which brings all your conversations together in one easy to manage place and introduces a new mobile computing paradigm where what matters to you is always only one swipe away.
  • BlackBerry Balanceâ„¢ technology, which protects what‘s important to you and the business you work for.
  • BBM which lets you share things with the people that matter to you in an instant.
  • BlackBerry Remember, which helps you tackle tasks quickly with a new way to collect, organize and action all the information sitting in different places across your smartphone. It integrates with Evernote as well.