iPhone 5S and phablet-sized iPhone 6 spotted

There seem to be a lot of rumours going around that Apple will release two new smartphones this year. It gathered pace recently, after a Chinese source claimed to have seen the forthcoming devices.
On Sina Tech, a micro blogging service, Old Yao claimed that his friend spotted the new edition of the standard-sized iPhone, most likely to be called the iPhone 5S, and also the 5-inch iPhone 6, in the factory of a major supplier to Apple. This lends more credibility to the rumours that two phones are coming this year, as Apple won‘t release two upgrades to the same form factor in a year. Some argue that the second phone Apple is bringing to market this year is in fact an iPhone mini, following the same strategy they did with the iPad.
While this may not seem like the most credible source, rumours stemming from supplier leaks have tended to be pretty much spot on when it comes to Apple products. The iPhone 5S will look the same, with the internals receiving a bump for better performance. The iPhone 6, though, is purportedly longer and wider than the iPhone 5, but also thinner.
If it does turn out to be true, it wouldn‘t at all be surprising. Given that the Samsung Galaxy Note, the device that started the whole trend, and the Note 2 sold in huge numbers, it would be imaginable that there could be huge demand for an Apple phablet. It looks like 2013 could be just as big a year for Apple as 2012 in terms of new products, but we have no concrete information as of yet. Stay tuned for all the latest news in this regard.
Source: CNET