HP to Develop Android Devices

Say what you will, but HP has had a dismal record in the Post-PC age. From losing their spot as the top PC manufacturer in the world (then regaining it again according to the latest results), to making a total mess of Palm division, HP is in urgent need of reinvention. According to the latest Canalys results, HP would be number two behind Apple if tablets are counted as PCs, and the tablet market is just growing more every day.
A few years back HP bought Palm for $1.2 billion, and subsequently made some pretty great phones with the WebOS operating system – which had massive potential. But even with that potential, it never translated into a sales success. With the arrival of the previous CEO, Apotheker, the whole WebOS division was killed in August 2011, only 16 months after buying out Palm. Clearly HP has lost out on the Post-PC race since then, and now HP is going to adopt Android for its upcoming devices.

According to ReadWriteWeb, HP’s first Android device will not be a phone however (current CEO Meg Whitman denied making a smartphone this year) they are going to launch a high end tablet running the latest Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset. No details are available yet regarding screen size or other specs.
The Mobile World Congress is in Spain later this month, and maybe some more details will emerge from HP there.
Source: ReadWriteWeb