Hands-free gesture control for Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung‘s flagship smartphone will reportedly feature “œgesture control“, which will help the user input commands into the device without actually needing to touch the screen. Now, we know Samsung has the ability do this, as was evident with the Galaxy Note II which has hover control when using the stylus.
Although the functionality could be quite limited for some people, we imagine that someone who has dirty and doesn’t want to touch the screen will enjoy the feature, i.e. while cooking and wanting to check on a recipe on the device or after doing some DIY around the house.

The Korean giant is using Amtel‘s newest maXTouch S controllers, giving the user the capability to easily answer a call, preview the contents of a photo gallery or unlock the device and scroll without touching the screen. Most argued that Samsung would need to use the front facing camera to incorporate this solution, but this would consume a lot of battery life. Instead, the rumours point to a solution which will be much more battery efficient.
Even though it is all still conjecture at this point, there were some whispers of gesture control floating around even before the Galaxy SIII was launched, so we expect it to be a real possibility. I mean, if Samsung can make flexible displays, this is certainly not a far off notion.
Source: AndroidPIT