TaxTim online tax assistant goes mobile

Online tax assistant TaxTim has released a mobile phone compatible version of its website in order to appeal to the ever expanding number of mobile users in South Africa. In a 2011 survey it was found that a total of 7.9 million South Africans access the Internet on their cell phones less than those who do so from a computer, laptop, or tablet. 
Special care was taken not only to redesign the user interface right down to 128 pixels width, but also replace all features that require javascript so you don’t need a smartphone to chat with TaxTim as any regular feature phone will do. This is particularly important for TaxTim’s user base as only 1 in 32 phones used is a smartphone.

The website content and navigation has also been simplified so that the interface is easier to use on the smaller screen.
“œOur goal is to ensure that every South African has access to simple and efficient tax assistance when and where they need it. A significant market exists who want to start filing tax returns, but have only limited connectivity to the web. To this end we are happy to announce the beta release of our mobi site offering all the functionality of the full-sized offering and compatible for use on all mobile phones with internet connectivity“, says Evan Robinson, co-founder of TaxTim.
“œCurrently about 16% of users on our site are browsing via their mobiles (close to the 17% national average), but as we start providing our service as a benefit to Employee Wellness Programs that assist lower income earners such as factory workers and mineworkers we have found more people recognising the need for a mobile version,“ comment Marc Sevitz, co-founder of TaxTim.
To use the TaxTim mobi site, simply visit on your phone browser and the site will adjust to the small screen.
The mobi site is also accompanied by a new mobile vehicle logbook product that is free to use all year round. Instead of keeping a paper logbook up-to-date and manually recording all the details of each and every trip for SARS, the logbook stores your records online and saves time by automatically pre-filling certain fields for you. Record your work trips, fill-ups and maintenance, then at year end these expenses are displayed appropriately split between work and personal.
To get started, visit TaxTim on your mobile phone and click on the Logbook.