Cape Town and Tourism Radio team up for tourist safety

The City of Cape Town has officially launched a digital safety campaign aimed at visitors to the Mother City. Using an in-car audio travel guide made by local travel tech company Tourism Radio, as well as various mobile travel apps, the City will provide tourists with important travel information as they move around.
The safety info has been put onto the Tourism Radio in-car device, and safety clips will play as people drive to various points in the city.
Tourism Radio uses location-based technology to provide its users with relevant information about the area around them. Points of interest play automatically, and are not bound by a set route, creating a seamless travel dialogue from thousands of audio clips.

City Councillor Grant Pascoe says, “œThe City of Cape Town wants to ensure that tourists have a safe, enjoyable time while visiting. Tourism Radio offers a mechanism which directly conveys safety and security information, including important contact numbers, to self-drive tourists.“
Tourism Radio CEO Mark Allewell says, “œWe‘re looking to provide travellers with a constant stream of information, including safety tips and emergency numbers. This partnership with the City of Cape Town will ensure that our users are not only informed about things to see and do during their stay, but are also guided on how to do so safely.“
The campaign launched earlier this month and will also feature in several existing mobile Cape Town travel guides, produced by Tourism Radio, including the Cape Town Tourism Walking Tour of Central Cape Town and the First Car Rental Guide to Cape Town ““ currently available on the iTunes Store and Google Play. 
Safety clips will play whenever someone uses the app within a predefined area around Cape Town, as well as specific Points of Interest around the city. These POIs feature the audio clip, as well as general safety tips as text.