Opinion: Why I Wouldn't Touch A BlackBerry 10 Device Ever

As I write this, Blackberry (they are no longer being called RIM) are launching their new devices to the world. Their new Blackberry 10 OS might be innovative and their new devices look vaguely decent but I still wouldn‘t buy one. I can‘t exactly bash them before I‘ve tried them but here‘s why I‘ll avoid these new Blackberry devices like the plague:

  1. I don‘t trust them: Do you really want to put your next two years of phone use into a company that laid off over 9000 staff last year? While it‘s unlikely that they will go belly up anytime in the near future it‘s a matter of resources: do you want to have to wait forever for updates or new features to make your shiny BB10 device keep up with Apple/Google/Microsoft? I think not
  2. I really, really don‘t trust them: BB10 was supposed to come out in 2012 and a new operating system was long overdue for Blackberry for at least two years. Do you really want to put your faith in a device that was conceived by a not particularly innovative company a few years ago? At the time this OS was conceived in assumedly 2010 Apple‘s iOS 4 had just come out and so did Android 2.2. Do you really want to be a year behind the curve on a company that could easily just forget to innovate their platform as we‘ve seen over the past few years?
  3. Who knows what will happen a month into ownership: I hear the same old story time and time again; people buy a Blackberry and it‘s great for the first few months. Next thing you know they‘re pulling the battery out twice a day to reset the thing and generally complaining about how slow it is.
  4. There‘s no more flat rated BIS: Apparently the one reason so many people buy a Blackberry (unlimited data at a capped price) is being removed. Yes, Blackberry can no longer use the “œcheaper to use“ excuse and they‘ve essentially got to play on a level ground now. They better be pretty special to compete with high end Samsung and HTC devices or that white elephant the iPhone.
  5. They hate their customers: Blackberry have spent the last two years telling their customers that “œOS 6,7 and 7.1“³ are awesome and then suddenly telling them that their devices are actually really suck and are for poor people. That‘s brand loyalty for you!

We‘ve seen the likes of Apple come back from the brink of total failure so I‘m not sure it‘s definitely the end for Blackberry but I for one won‘t be going near them for the next few years.

  1. So NFC, Peek,flow, the hub, 2Gig Ram,Timeshift is old? Is all of that available on one single Android phone? Clearly your mistaken between Javascript and QNX. BB10 is based on QNX and will not hang. No need for battery pulls. But its ok not to like BB. Old Android and Apple still need customers that hang on to the past and the known. Last time one of them did something totally new was when they started. Give it 2 years and both will follow BB to reinvent and change their OS. So BB is actually ahead of them

    1. I’m trying to follow your arguments here. Fairly minor innovations by BB should be taken more seriously than iOS/Android upgrades, and a major bonus of the device is that you no longer need to remove the battery? Interesting. What you have made pretty clear though is that you have a poor understanding of the iOS and Android environments and their target markets.

    1. The rest of the smartphone world somehow survives without BIS. Why cant BlackBerry? The new OS is a radical rewrite that means people dont have to suffer through a bad user experience just to have BIS. My choice? I would always choose a decent OS like BB10 before BIS.
      BIS is important for lower cost contracts. BB10 focusses on the high end right now, where BIS has never been that important. These are the people on iPhone and Android that somehow survived without flat rate data.
      The world has moved on, so has BlackBerry.

  2. You have no idea what your talking about. If you don’t understand the difference between BB7 and BB10, and iOS4 and iOS6 than you shouldn’t be posting on tech topics. BB10 is a completely new platform built from scratch. Apple took a couple years to build their OS from scratch as well, and all they have been doing since than is offering minor upgrades to it. Get your facts straight,

  3. I’m sorry, as an Apple user and fan I can even acknowledge that the device is decent and the OS contains its fair share of innovation. You seriously need to stop writing about tech and go write for Huisgenoot.

  4. My suggestion is that you read into the background of QNX and the future of linked mobile devices before you make such an illinformed statement.
    Furthermore there is no confirmation that BIS will be pulled – it seems that the fullrate BIS is to be retained with the newer limited BIS plans falling away.
    What also remains the same from BlackBerry of the past is the fact that data will still be compressed. So even if you do use a traditional data plan as opposed to a BIS plan your data usage will still be much lower than that of Android or iOS.
    Maybe like all the others who suggested that BB would not make it to 2013 and that BB10 would never be released you might be eating some humble BlackBerry pie in a few years time.
    So stick to you iPhone – its a really good phone. And so are a whole lot of other phones. You just dont seem to be able to accept that!

  5. This is rediculous! Why don’t you do a review once you have used the phone!
    I was dissappointed that they have dropped the uncapped browsing but I understand why they have done this.
    From what I have seen from crackberry.com and other websites the Z10 and Q10 have some great features and are only the base for Blackberry to build on.
    They have a solid foundation and with QNX could leave the competition behind in a few years.
    Just give the Z10 a chance before shooting it down.
    I have been waiting since October 2012 to renew my contract and will continue to do so until the Z10 is released.

  6. Are you serious? No one is asking you to marry this phone. But to not touch one?? You sound like an elementary school kid with this opinion. Grow up and write something worthwhile.

  7. Saul, I dislike Blackberry. Almost as much as I dislike the lack of innovation in Iphone5. But seriously man, have you actually even done research on the new Blackberry. They contain more innovation that IPhone 5 and most other smartphone.
    The only thing you’ve proved with this arrival is that your a crap, lazy and biased “journo”

    1. Crap, lazy and biased “journo” here. Thanks, at least someone gives me some sort of acknowledgement.
      Can we all agree that BB have made some of the worst devices over the past two years? Remember the Storm? Have you ever actually used a Curve for more than a month? Do you know anyone that says “WOW my Blackberry is absolutely amazing”?
      Can we all agree that they’ve happily sold their mediocre quality (build and software) devices happily to clients without a hint of remorse? This is a company spending (at least in South Africa) millions on adverts in airports and billboards when they could have spent that money on, oh I don’t know, not making crap products to shove down a gullible publics throats? How’s that for a thought?
      Once we’ve agreed on these basics do you really want to buy more junk from a company that treated you like crap the past two years selling you ever worse quality junk? If so, then enjoy your new phone.
      Crap, lazy and biased “journo” out

  8. The point which everyone seems to be missing from Saul’s piece is that BlackBerry has a trust issue. He did say it twice, so this is rather surprising. BB could make the greatest phone of all time and people would still be weary of it… once bitten, twice shy. BB need to prove themselves, and from what I’ve seen BB10 is a good start.

  9. $3.4 billion dollars is alot, and it’d take even more for a company with that in the bank, 79 million customers, profit from blackberry owned company’s like QNX, TAT etc, not to mention they have no debt.
    And like others have stated bbos7/6/5/etc had a java based kernel, bb10 is writing from the ground up on top of a QNX kernel. QNX is the most real ogle kernel out there used for things that can not fail or malfunction(not to say they won’t but there’s a better chance of it not happening with QNX).
    QNX Neutrino is widely used as the basis for automotive electromechanical components(in 70% of vehicles on the road today), for industrial control systems, medical instruments, defense systems, nuclear power plants, and other mission-critical applications.[3] The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet computer designed by BlackBerry uses a version of QNX as the primary operating system. Devices from BlackBerry running the BlackBerry 10 operating system are also QNX based.
    Do some research before posting a uninformed post like this.

  10. Saul is obviously an ardent Blackburry fan just trying to find a reason to come out the closet.
    I am always amazed at the robustness of the Blackberrys that are pervasive in my kids school. Dropped, dunked and mishandled they seem to keep working. Of colleagues who swear by its simplicity and ease of use.
    I truly believe that Blackburry has been one of the major innovators in smart phone tech so far.
    I think that they might just pull the rabbit out the bag with the new phones

  11. You dont have to touch a blackberry 10, millions of people around the world have, and bought it. You stick to your iphone, you probably wont get how a blackberry 10 works.

  12. What an uninformed uneducated weak argument. Go do your home work and then come to the table with something of value to say. “Don’t knock it until you try it” serves as a warning to people like you to not present opinions that only serve to highlight their ignorance and lack of integrity.
    This article is an insult to the intelligence of BWTHBlog readers. A waste of 3mins of my day I’ll never get back.

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