Opinion: Why I Wouldn't Touch A BlackBerry 10 Device Ever

As I write this, Blackberry (they are no longer being called RIM) are launching their new devices to the world. Their new Blackberry 10 OS might be innovative and their new devices look vaguely decent but I still wouldn‘t buy one. I can‘t exactly bash them before I‘ve tried them but here‘s why I‘ll avoid these new Blackberry devices like the plague:

  1. I don‘t trust them: Do you really want to put your next two years of phone use into a company that laid off over 9000 staff last year? While it‘s unlikely that they will go belly up anytime in the near future it‘s a matter of resources: do you want to have to wait forever for updates or new features to make your shiny BB10 device keep up with Apple/Google/Microsoft? I think not
  2. I really, really don‘t trust them: BB10 was supposed to come out in 2012 and a new operating system was long overdue for Blackberry for at least two years. Do you really want to put your faith in a device that was conceived by a not particularly innovative company a few years ago? At the time this OS was conceived in assumedly 2010 Apple‘s iOS 4 had just come out and so did Android 2.2. Do you really want to be a year behind the curve on a company that could easily just forget to innovate their platform as we‘ve seen over the past few years?
  3. Who knows what will happen a month into ownership: I hear the same old story time and time again; people buy a Blackberry and it‘s great for the first few months. Next thing you know they‘re pulling the battery out twice a day to reset the thing and generally complaining about how slow it is.
  4. There‘s no more flat rated BIS: Apparently the one reason so many people buy a Blackberry (unlimited data at a capped price) is being removed. Yes, Blackberry can no longer use the “œcheaper to use“ excuse and they‘ve essentially got to play on a level ground now. They better be pretty special to compete with high end Samsung and HTC devices or that white elephant the iPhone.
  5. They hate their customers: Blackberry have spent the last two years telling their customers that “œOS 6,7 and 7.1“³ are awesome and then suddenly telling them that their devices are actually really suck and are for poor people. That‘s brand loyalty for you!

We‘ve seen the likes of Apple come back from the brink of total failure so I‘m not sure it‘s definitely the end for Blackberry but I for one won‘t be going near them for the next few years.