The Economist: The 'hothouse of entrepreneurship' of the Nordic region

According to a report by The Economist entitled ‘If in doubt, innovate’, the Nordic region is becoming what it calls ‘a hothouse of entrepreneurship’.
With the mention of such a location, one would naturally think first of Helsinki-based Angry Birds’ creators Rovio who have gone on to develop and launch further popular iterations of the game including Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars. 
What you may not know about this region is that this ‘hothouse of entrepreneurship’ came about by a group of students at  Aalto University in Finland, when in 2010 after a visit to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology organised  a “œsummer of start-ups“. These summer camps aimed to highlight the power and potential of the establishment of new companies in Finland in comparison to let’s say, Nokia, for example.

And so came The Start-Up Sauna“”a business accelerator funded by government, business and academia and run by students. As a result of this and other projects, Finland has become  a far more entrepreneurship-friendly market.
The student revolution was part of a wider reconsideration of the relationship between government and business and also influenced how Finland, in particular, has created a hub of technological innovation.
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