Apple TV to carry HBO Go App in U.S.

According to a report by Bloomberg, sources close to the project have revealed that Apple is in negotiations to carry Time Warner’s HBO Go application on Apple TV in the U.S. This is likely to become available some time in mid-2013.
The HBO Go app is currently available for iPhone and iPad and will mark the first app on Apple TV that requires pay-TV authentication.
Apple TV is an inexpensive set-top device that streams content that is purchased on iTunes to consumers‘ televisions and has been available in South Africa for about a month.
With this new deal, HBO’s audience, a channel available to cable and satellite subscribers only, will now be able to watch hundreds of hours of shows  and movies on Apple TV. HBO offers a number of popular television shows including True Blood, Girls, Boardwalk Empire and Entourage.
While the HBO app might not be available to South Africans, some enterprising individuals have found ways to get these services, like Netflix, onto their SA based Apple TV.