Meet Coub: the next generation of moving images

This is Coub, a Moscow-based media startup, that makes it easy to turn videos into engaging “œliving“ photos, display your creative work in novel ways, and add something extra special to your website or blog.
Coubs are short looped videos (up to about 10 seconds) similar to animated GIFs only more technologically advanced. They feature high picture quality, sound capability and small file sizes. More importantly they are easy for anyone to create, using videos from either YouTube or Vimeo, with the help of the online video editor found on the website.
They are also easily shareable on blogs, websites and social networks and are great for creating living photos, visual portfolios or playing with your favourite video clips or music videos.
Coub was founded by Igor Gladkoborodov together with his brother Anton who came up with the original concept. With programmer Mikhail Tabunov, the team began developing  Coub in the summer of 2011 and in January 2012 continued to work on Coub’s launch full time.
As expected with any new venture, the startup faced a few challenges. Coub had to overcome a number of technical difficulties to make creating a coub a seamless and fun experience.

The Coub Team

“Out first approach was to use HTML 5 videos but unfortunately the technology appeared not to be stable enough to work well on all browsers,” explains  Igor. “We decided to try Flash, although it has the stigma of being out-dated when compared to the more ‘trendy’ HTML 5. Our custom Flash player turned out to work perfectly with all desktop browsers and Adobe developers work extremely well.” Coub now only uses HTML 5 video for mobile platforms.
The next big challenge was the online video editor. The goal was to make coubs easy to create by just uploading a video clip to the online editor and selecting the best part of that video. But, the simplicity of the editor turned out to have a lot of difficulties on the other side of the browser. “We had to develop a complex solution based on several server and client side technologies for our editor,” says Igor.
Coub is still relatively new so users can expect new features in the future. The ultimate goal for Coub is to create a global web-service and a user-friendly and popular mobile app. “We believe coubs have great potential and that it will become the center of a strong creative community,” says Igor.
Coub is also currently developing an iOS social video app for everyday use coming soon.
For more about Coub, watch the video below: