earhoox: The solution for rebellious, loose and uncomfy earbuds

earhoox, a product that aims to solve the problem of loose and uncomfortable earbuds that just won’t stay put has launched on popular crowd funding site IndieGoGo.  With only four days remaining earhoox has raised over $8, 000 of its $18, 000 goal.  
earhoox are designed to work with standard earbuds that are included with many popular personal consumer electronics including mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players.

Available in two sizes and made of pliable and durable silicone “the shark fin tip” shape of earhoox, that attaches onto the earbud, fits comfortably with the natural shape of the ear. The way in which the earhoox is positioned creates a zero gravity effect as it moves pressure away from the ear canal, preventing slips and slides and enhancing the listening experience.  
Invented and patented by college friends Jeff Becker and Helmut Wyzisk III, earhoox the result of a problem that both guys found prevalent on the subway, on the streets and at the gym.
“Loose uncomfortable earbuds seemed to be a universal problem and earhoox was just a natural problem solver. It brings a sense of confidence to those engaged in physical activity, knowing that a run or workout won’t be interrupted by a rebellious earbud, ” explain Helmut and Jeff.

earhoox will be following up with a second product made specifically for the iPhone 5 EarPods.
For more about earhoox, click on the image below to watch the promo video: