We should get confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy S4 is on its way (not that it was a secret), probably at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013.  It is expected to be launched in May 2013. But until then, some interesting news has hit.
The device code Samsung GT-I9500X has arisen on the company‘s software download page. The number four is considered unlucky in Korea, and therefore it was skipped when the code went from I9300 to I9500, which people expect to be the Galaxy S4 as the first three iterations of the flagships were I9000, I9100 and I9200 for two version of the S2, and I9300. We know Samsung have never used the number four in a high-end product code.
The interesting thing is that in a newly leaked software test, the I9500 is earmarked as a Tizen running device. Tizen is the new mobile OS partly developed by Samsung and backed by Intel. Samsung have confirmed in a Bloomberg report that it will start moving away from Android to take more control of the mobile experience that it is delivering to users.

If this turns out to be true, it could be very risky for Samsung. As a result, a few things could happen. Firstly, lovers of Android might feel alienated even though they liked their previous Samsung devices. Secondly, people might decide they love their Samsung devices and stay loyal. Lastly, it might not make too much difference as many users don‘t know too much about the OS or ecosystem they are using.
If you are a Samsung user, would this stop you from buying the Galaxy S4 (if it turns out to be true)? If you aren‘t a Samsung user, would you consider becoming one?
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