WindFall: Turning your iPad into a POS system

Heckler Design has created WindFall, a strong and simple point of sales stand for the iPad aimed primarily at retailers.
The body of WindFall is made from laser-cut steel finished with a durable and fine textured powdercoat. The iPad is safely secured in WindFall (with the assembly tools included) and bolted onto the countertop while still giving it the ability to pivot and slide. This way customers can easily provide a signature from the other side of a shop counter and the iPad can be moved across it.

A point of sale system is created with WindFall, an iPad and Square Register, an app that allows your iPad to accept credit card payments that includes a card reader that plugs into the side of the iPad. WindFall is also compatible with MagTek’s iDynamo card reader that allows the use of solutions such as ShopKeep and Lavu.
WindFall is designed in such a way that the iPad’s camera, speakers, cellular antenna, 30-pin port, audio jack, and screen lock button are accessible.
Of course, WinFall can also be used in different places for other purposes as a safe and secure stand for your iPad.
How much? WindFall comes with a price tag of $120.
For more about WindFall, watch the video below:

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