Flipboard for Android released

Flipboard for Android is now out of Beta and has officially been launched in the Google Play store. The popular news reading app, that has been available for iOs for over a year now, is compatible with Android 2.2 and higher.
Flipboard for Android was previously available exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S3 for just one day but now the app is available for all Android powered device users to enjoy for free.
The Android version’s interface is similar to that of the iOS version and has a few new features including virtual up-navigational buttons in the top left and the removal of the menu button support as well as the Gingerbread UI elements. The app now also features Google+ and YouTube support.
Flipboard has also launched more regional support, adding support for 5 new countries including Germany, Korea, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands.
You can download Flipboard for Android here. 
Source: The Ultra Linx