LG Launches Siri Competitor in Korea

Following the lead of Samsung’s S Voice and rumours surrounding Google’s acceleration of its own siri competitor, LG has also entered into the voice assistant space.
LG has recently unveiled its own version of Apple’s Siri with ‘Quick Voice’ that is currently only available in Korea with no knowledge of whether it would become available elsewhere.
‘Quick Voice’ is the given name of the service in Korea which it may not necessarily retain if launched in international markets.
The service, that will make its debut on the Optimus Vu later this month followed by the Optimus LTE 2 in July, supports the voice control of making calls, SMSing, accessing contacts and calendar appointments, web search, emails and more.
The new service sees LG taking the lead in Korea as Siri will only support Korea when iOS6 is publicly launched.
While Siri made its debut on the iPhone 4S, Samsung’s S Voice arrived with the Galaxy S3 and may continue to appear on the fellow Korean company’s upcoming Android powered devices.
Source: Slash Gear