Mxit Launches Developer Kickstart Programme

South Africa’s largest social networking platform Mxit, has recently launched its Developer Kickstart Programme, the company wrote in a blog post.
The programme aims to help Mxit developers get their new apps discovered by the million of Mxit’s users. This means, that Mxit will give some of the best independent developers a chance to get their apps promoted.
Here are the rules of the programme:
1. The programme is available to only newly published apps on Mxit, more specifically those published in the last 8 weeks.
2. Early-stage/independent developers only. Big companies will not be accepted. Mxit aims to subsidize developers who are just starting out and do not have the funds to buy ads in bulk.
3. As it’s only an experiment, Mxit may discontinue or change the programme at any time.
This programme seems to be the latest attempt by Mxit to assist new developers in accessing the platform. In March, Mxit launched a new set of developer APIs and a redesigned Developer Centre.
Motribe launched its JudgeME app on Mxit in early April,  a mobile meeting app that provides people with a way to meet each other by uploading and browsing photos. Motribe is a platform that enables users, brands, agencies and publishers to build and manage their own mobile social communities.
For more information and to apply, click here.