Local cross-platform messaging app, Cnectd, upgrades to Version 3.0

Locally developed app, Cnectd, a division of Johannesburg based company MCI has been recently updated to Version 3.0 for iOSAndroid and BlackBerry.
Cnectd, a cross-platform messaging application, provides real-time messaging with push notifications so that you can keep in touch with your family, friends and colleagues without paying the costs of SMS messaging.
“œThe new version includes some significant enhancements,“ comments Greg Bernard, Partner at MCI, “œfor instance, it allows messaging in real-time on a one-on-one basis or in groups. The new version also took cognizance of feedback that we received from users of the initial product.“
When development first began in 2009, MCI realised that the way people communicated on their phones was changing and that there was a shift toward a more rich offering than SMS messaging provided. Cnectd gives people that enhanced communication experience through media sharing and the ability to chat to multiple people at once.
This is how it works: In order to use Cnectd, you need to purchase an annual license, a simple process from within the application via an in-app purchase. Each license purchased gives you an additional two licenses that you can then share with a total cost of $2.99. “The minimal charge for the license is to ensure that the application maintains a level of consistency and reliability,” says Bernard.

With the updated version, users can now register for Cnectd using their Facebook account to automatically create a profile and ensure that all your Facebook Friends are added to your contacts. Each user’s profile includes a profile picture, status updates and display name which can be updated at any time.
Other updates with the new version include:

  • Advanced message status updates: Users can see if a message has been sent, delivered or read
  • Advanced group management: Users have greater control over the groups created which allow admins to invite, remove or ban users. Functionality has also been added to show different coloured chat bubbles within a group.
  • Multi-lingual support: users can send and receive messages in any language

In addition to cross-platform support for major smartphone devices Cnectd also provides Premium Support and compression and encryption technology that makes sending messages even faster while ensuring that no personal data is compromised.
“œWe had over 1,2m users of Cnectd using the initial version of the product,“ concluded Bernard, “œand I expect this new version to be even more popular.“
The app is available globally via the official application stores or by visiting http://dl.cnectd.com from your supported smartphone, and can be used to communicate with anyone, anywhere.