Leap Motion enables Gesture control for your PC or Mac

Think the Kinect is cool? Then wait until you see this. The Leap Motion, developed by Leap, is a small little USB peripheral that has 200 times better accuracy than the Kinect, and enables you to instantly control your Mac or PC with just your fingers. Using a USB port on your computer, the Leap simply needs to calibrate with your fingers, and then you can start using it. It then creates a 8 cubic-feet box in which it can track individual finger movements. It can also identify individual fingers, and even objects like pencils.

Because it is still a concept, there is not yet a lot to show from the Leap, but the first demo video is truly brilliant. Leap says they are partnering with some companies, but I cannot help but think that this technology will be at its best simply built into a laptop or keyboard. Imagine your next laptop having a small window just above the trackpad to enable sweeping and grabbing on screen objects, without making your screen full of fingerprints. Leap says they are also in talks with Microsoft to enable Windows 8 drivers. This means the Leap will be the ideal accessory to enable your standard computer to turn into a “touch” device. At $70 it is also a good deal cheaper than the Kinect, which still also has very limited support on the PC front.

Before you go anywhere, make sure to look at the Leap Motion video. Minority Report-type interfaces might indeed be here sooner than we think:

Apple – you have all that cash right? This might be an ideal competitor to the Kinect some day.