Google CEO Larry Page Speaks at Zeitgeist 2012

Google CEO Larry Page, who recently announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility in a blog post, spoke at this year’s Google Zeitgeist held in Herefordshire in the UK with a talk entitled ‘Beyond Today’.

Most noticeable about Page from the beginning of the talk was that he was wearing Google Glasses but what Page calls Google Glass (as there is only glass on one side). Page opened with a demonstration of the Google Glass by taking a picture of the audience and sharing it with the Google office. Page said that Google Glass is “still in a bit of an early stage but I’m really excited to be able to have one.”
It’s clear that Google have made a huge investment in the new augmented reality glasses and that we will likely see a lot more of it in the coming months as it continues to develop.
During his talk, Page discusses how the pace of change in technology is increasing, the power of the smartphone, Google+, constant improvements in Google search including the most recently launched Knowledge Graph and the importance of being able to share content.

Page also acknowledges the process of shutting down various products that people weren’t particularly interested in  – a painful but necessary part of the process.
Watch Page’s full presentation in the video below:

Source: The Next Web