Angry Birds Heikki set for June 18th Release

Millions of people around the world have come to love Angry Birds since the first release in December 2009. It has only been about three months since the latest iteration of the popular series was released, Angry Birds Space, which broke records on both iOS and Android where it was downloaded over 50 million times within 35 days. The small Finnish company Rovio obviously smiled all the way to the bank, and as if that wasn‘t good enough, they are lining up another title.
When we think of Finland, Formula 1 does spring to mind, having had so many brilliant drivers over the years. Heikki Kovalainen sports an Angry Birds helmet when driving his notoriously slow Caterham around the circuit these days and it has been reported in the past that Rovio was thinking of incorporating the F1 scene into Angry Birds although it is hard to imagine how that would be done exactly. Will we be firing birds into car windshields (not that an F1 car has one) in the hope of causing massive multi-pileup destruction? Who knows“¦

What we do know, however, is that Rovio has put up a teaser website for the upcoming game called Angry Birds Heikki which will make its debut on June 18. Angry Birds Space really was a breath of fresh air in the franchise, but will Rovio be able to put together another all new experience? That remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: I will almost certainly download it and at some point in time, play it for a very long time.
Let‘s just go ahead and say it now: Congrats to Rovio on another sure thing, which will likely garner over 20 million downloads.
Source: Ubergizmo