Kickstarter raises almost $500, 000 for Remee Dreaming Mask

Fundraising platform, Kickstarter, is approaching the $500, 000 mark in pledges for one of its latest projects, surpassing its $35, 000 goal with three days still remaining. The product is called the Remee, the world’s first, comfortable and affordable REM enhancing lucid dreaming mask.
The Remee is based on the concept of consciously recognizing and controlling our dreams and while more information about what is known as Lucid Dreaming has become available through scientific research, many people are unaware of it. So the question is, why would anyone want to do it? Well the creators of Remee believe that Lucid Dreaming can be one of the most profund things you can experience and they want to make it available for the public to enjoy.
Creators Steven and Duncan decided to create something that would allow Lucid Dreaming to occur more often and more reliably. Existing Lucid Dreaming masks were not only extrememly expensive but bulky and when there was no alternative, they decided to make one.

This is how it works: a micro-controller inside the mask waits until you’re asleep and flashes a series of customisable light patterns via Remee’s six rear facing LEDs. These lights appear as visual anomalies while dreaming, that alerts the sleeper they’re dreaming and triggers lucidity. Now that you’re lucid, you can practise controlling the world around you.

Because no one sleeps exactly the same the mask can be customised by changing various settings on the website, when it launches. In addition the mask’s design can also be personalised.
For more about Remee, watch the video below:

What are your thoughts on Remee – would you like to control your dreams?