Samsung to Buy RIM Rumours False

Recent rumours have begun to circulate that Research In Motion (RIM) was interested in selling off to Samsung after a supposed rough year. Now, Samsung spokesperson, James Chung has clarified rumours by saying that not only is it not interested in buying the firm but that it hasn’t even been approached with an offer. Chung told Reuters that “œWe haven‘t considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in (buying RIM).“
The rumours began when Boy Genius Report quoted a source from RIM revealing that it was looking for a buyer in Samsung. The report said that, We have heard that Jim Balsillie is actively meeting with almost every company that might be interested in either a part or all of RIM, in addition to having talks about licensing. “œJim is going hard after Samsung,“ said a source with knowledge of the negotiations.
The reason given for the deal having not been struck was due to the asking price by RIM’s CEO.
While this does not completely eliminate any rumours that RIM may be looking to sell, it does take Samsung out of the picture as a potential buyer.
Source: The Next Web