HzO Nano Technology to Waterproof Apple and Samsung Devices

At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Pocket-lint witnessed what was a regular iPhone being repeatedly dunked into a fish tank filled with water. This demonstration served to show off the capabilities of a new nano technology that will likely save your smartphone from getting water damage and may be included in the next wave of smartphones by Apple and Samsung.
Called HzO, the technology that has already been applied to a number of devices such as the iPhone and Samsung phones for testing, creates a nano-scale film barrier that has special water repelling properties once applied to the inside of electronic gadgets. The technology is already installed into the phone during its manufacturing process, rather than by the consumer once the phone has been purchased.
A company representative has said “We expect HzO to be in next season’s phones,” referring to Apple’s interest in the technology. Samsung is also reportedly “very excited about the technology.”

The company is hoping to sign big deals with all leading manufacturers. A spokesman mentioned that it is in the process of signing up a major smartphone partner  as well as a  headphones maker in the very near future. The idea for the headphone is that they wouldn’t be damaged by sweat when running or water when swimming.
The HzO technology will be included in upcoming products from Zagg, which markets its own “skins” and other protective gear. Zagg has announced that it will be offering limited-edition “WaterBlocked” versions of the iPod touch, iPod shuffle and iPod nano with the HzO sealing technology inside.
Watch an HzO water technology demo in the video below: