ScaleConf Brings International Experts to Cape Town

ScaleConf is a two-day conference that will bring together local and international experts to talk about the challenges and future of building and running online sites and services. The conference is the first of its kind to be hosted in South Africa.
Presentations will cover the culture and methodologies used to architect and develop the strong foundations that enable large-scale web companies to function smoothly, and smaller ones to grow gracefully. The speaker line-up includes some big names like Coda Hale (Yammer Inc.), Simon de Haan (Praekelt), Zach Holman (Github) and Miles Ward (Amazon Web Services).
The conference is the brainchild of two operations engineers at, Jonathan Hitchcock and Duncan Phillips. “We created the conference because there’s a growing startup focus in Cape Town, and with that comes the need to build web applications at an unprecedented scale. While in the US I had attended some great technical conferences, and I wanted to bring that level of quality to South Africa,” explains Jonathan. Duncan adds, “Ultimately, the aim is to promote the best practices and technologies that will help drive a world-class DevOps culture here in South Africa.”

They expect ScaleConf to attract members of technical teams that face dealing with a growing customer base, and the problems that arise as their service grows. In addition, it is easy to forget that site reliability is an essential component of building a great customer experience so the conference will also appeal to business and product people who spend their days figuring out how to make users happy.
The conference is sponsored by 2go, a large-scale mobile messenger social network, excited to be a part of bringing movement to South Africa. Other international supporters include Basho, developers of the popular Riak distributed database and Amazon, whose web services division provides a lot of the infrastructure behind many of the startups today.
Event Details:
When: 26th and 27th January 2012
Where: Kirstenbosh Botanical Gardens, Conference Centre, Cape Town
Important Note: There are only 300 places available and tickets are selling quickly
For more information and to register click here.